Our Story 

Two best friends, Gordon McIntyre and Pip Lacey. We met 17 years ago in the snowy french mountains. Back when life was a bit more carefree!  We worked hard and played hard, snowboarding everyday.... Since then we've been busy! Both with 20 years experience in the hospitality industry. Gordon has been a success in the pub industry of late working as operations and development manager for Green King. Whilst myself Pip has spent the last 10 years working for Angela Hartnett from a Commi Chef to become Head Chef of one Michelin starred restaurant Murano. Previously working front of house since I was 15 and also as a graphic designer. 

Myself and Gordon have been on this journey from the day we met. Both setting our goal to one day have our own place. To give people a wicked time! We have always wanted to create something that we would love to go to ourselves, by gathering all our amazing experiences we've had as friends.

Join us!